Platelet RIch Plasma

Facial Rejuvenation 

Platelet Rich Plasma contains various growth factors that are involved in cellular regulation and regeneration. With increase in age, the skin ages as a normal decline process as well as through environmental factors (UVB radiation from sun exposure, smoking, pollutants in the air, and more). The growth factors that platelet rich plasma contains, stimulates cells to regenerate, increase collage production, and overall rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and smooth out wrinkle lines. The patient’s blood is drawn, placed in a tube to be centrifuged and the platelet rich plasma separated from the rest of the blood components. This is then injected into the facial areas of concern.
• Reduction of wrinkles and/or fine lines
• Increase in the skin’s overall smooth and youthful appearance
• Same day procedure
• Improves skin’s tone and texture 

Hair Restoration 

Anyone can experience hair loss, although it is more common in men. Causes tend to vary from genetics or hereditary, as a side effect due to medications, radiation, hormonal imbalance, and other medical conditions. PRP offers a solution to effectively stimulate the hair follicle to restore hair growth. The PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood, which is spin via centrifuge and injected at the hair follicles, where hair loss has taken place. There are almost no side effects except a feeling of slight pressure at the point of injection. The success of the results varies depending on how long it has been since the hair loss first began. The number of treatments needed also depend on the degree of baldness and the area. Contact us for a consultation today! 

Joint Pain Relief 

The use of PRP first began with its use in helping wound healing after joint injury or surgery. Today, PRP is successfully used to provide joint pain relief to those whose previous medical treatments have been unsuccessful. The growth factors that are in PRP stimulate the natural body’s mechanism of healing, regenerating tissue damage, and providing pain relief.

PRP is a natural approach to not only treating ED, but also improving the appearance of the penis. It is non-invasive and does not carry of the heart-related side effects that common erectile dysfunction treatments can cause. It is a method of rejuvenating sexual health with long lasting effects. 
A small sample of the person’s blood is drawn and placed into a device to centrifuge and separate the platelets from the rest of the blood components. This is then injected into the penile areas of concern. The platelets then begin to work by stimulating healing, improving function and repair of the tissue. Blood flow increases to the target area, where then sensation and stimulation is improved. 
• Firmer, larger, longer-lasting, and more frequent erections 
• Results can last up to 18 months 
• Benefits can be experienced almost immediately after the procedure. 
• Enhanced sexual performance 
• Increased sensation and pleasure 
• Increase in penis length and girth (varies from person to person) 

Male Sexual Health